About Us

IbizaCREATIVE is the creative team for the IBIZAactual publishers Brieger Ibiza S.L.
Our only goal is to make your business look good!

We design the IbizaHEUTE magazine. We create IbizaHEUTE’s internet presence. We organise and realise the publisher’s events; work out the sponsoring and marketing strategies; design all the publisher’s projects, special magazines, and books. We are also the people that a majority of our company’s customers have trusted for many years to design their advertising.

With more than 35 years of business experience, we know how the island market works and how you can reach customers. Our team includes advertising professionals, designers, programmers, professional copywriters, translators and photographers who can advise you and implement your ideas. We are there for you in person, catering to your individual needs, creatively – and all at very reasonable prices.

However, IbizaCREATIVE also offers much more. It doesn’t matter whether you ‘only’ need new business cards quickly, want a new company logo, or a complete presentation for your company – we get it done. We can assist you in bringing a new product to the market by perfectly targeting the right audience – with promotions in the areas of print, radio and internet, or even parties designed especially to your needs.

When we commit to your assignment, we have the same high standards for you that we have for the IbizaHEUTE magazine: uncompromising quality, imaginative, appealing and dependable. Every job is equally important to us – and of course can be expanded as necessary to meet your needs. You’re in good hands with us.

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